Security for All in the Age of AI

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AI-powered innovations in cybersecurity are reshaping how businesses of every size—and across every industry—secure and protect their data. Join us at the second annual Microsoft Secure digital event to learn how to bring world-class threat intelligence, complete end-to-end protection, and industry-leading, responsible AI to your organization.

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Featured speaker

Charlie Bell speaker image Charlie Bell
Executive Vice President, Microsoft Security

Vasu  Jakkal speaker image Vasu Jakkal
Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Security Business

Alym Rayani speaker image Alym Rayani
Vice President, Microsoft Security Marketing

Neta Haiby speaker image Neta Haiby
Principal Product Manager, Microsoft Security


On demand

Title Summary
Empowering security teams in the age of AI Join Microsoft Security leaders for a conversation about the challenges and opportunities in cybersecurity AI. Explore end-to-end security, effective ways to secure and govern AI, and new AI-powered product capabilities.
Copilot for Security: Tailoring Defense with AI This session will guide you through getting started with Microsoft Copilot for Security. Explore customizable features to automate workflows, fortify defenses, and speed up incident response. You’ll also learn how to adjust Copilot to fit your needs.
Empower AI adoption by securing and governing its usage Learn how to use built-in Microsoft security and compliance controls to secure and govern AI usage. Product experts will demonstrate capabilities that address common challenges, such as preventing oversharing, data leaks, and misuse.
Stay ahead of threats with proactive posture management Explore how the Microsoft security operations platform detects and disrupts threats in near-real time to reduce risk. Hear from experts on how to improve and manage your security posture by consolidating data silos and unifying posture solutions.
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